7pm – 8.30pm

A super fun new type of quiz night to kickstart your weekend on Thursday nights at the Wembley! Once you’ve been to an infusion digital quiz night, you’ll never do paper based trivia again. It’s just like a real life TV quiz show with state of the art multimedia, buzzer apps and of course our friendly quizmasters running the show. Whether you’re a trivia buff or a novice just looking to have some fun, it’s a high-octane quiz experience that’ll get the heart racing and brain whirring.

Featuring rounds and games such as:
Fastest Finger – Only the first team or person to buzz and answer correctly gets the points, everyone else missed out.  So being fast is the name of the round!
Everybody Answers – Everyone gets to answer and everyone stands to lose or win points.  But beware, in some rounds the longer you wait, the less points available to win, so being fast and accurate counts!
Last Man Standing – Players or teams are eliminated for answering incorrectly creating a real sense of anticipation to see who can be the last team standing.
Trivia Ladder – In this round, where you finish on the ladder counts, the higher you finish the more points you get.  It’s just like Millionaire hotseat.  Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the ladder?
Plus, throw in a Jeopardy round, the Wheel of FortuneFast Money and wager questions and you have an action packed evening full of nail biting moments.

Singles, couples and groups can play – no minimum team size!

Great prizes!